MelaQ is a solo of electronic music, deep ambient and hi-fi techno, composed by Massi Frateschi. It’s name is derived from the strong influence that the vaporwave cultural current has had on the artist. Every song recalls the dysfunctional act between the human being and the web and digital technology that surrounds them as a representation of the distortion resulting from their fusion.
Mela-Q or Ctrl-Alt-Canc / Del is indeed a combination of keys on the computer keyboard designed to perform closures or reboots in case of problems.
As a stylistic trademark, the artist use the sounds of the surrounding environment and of distortions from chemical reactions that they create and record. That’s why they call this genre of music “hi-fi or chemical”

Mmx project is my musical project born in 2008, which offers a mixed genre of electronic music, usually the performance starts with an Ambient concert, Deepblue, played with ableton live sometimes accompanied by an electric guitar or more instruments. In the second part the music evolves through a very simple controller midimixer in a set that can vary from Etnic Electro and Electronics up to Tecno according to the type of the evening. This second part consists of mixing personal pieces with music by other artists freely available.

This project was born in Bari, from the idea of different DJs and was then exported to Rome.