V E R N I S S A G E R O M E @ Ex Forlanini


@ Ex Ospedale Carlo Forlanini – Monteverde

From sculptures to illustrations; from photographs to engravings. All exhibited in an abandoned hospital adorned with sculptures of bas-reliefs by Arrigo Minerbi. The artists, as well as the musicians who will accompany their art, come from all over the world. The location, on the other hand, is our own, a former hospital from the 1930s that has seen three hundred and fifty thousand souls pass through it – it holds the memories of clashes between soldiers and infected patients, the soldiers, armed with guns, whilst the patients defended themselves only with their infected blood and saliva.

The now abandoned hospital was a self-sufficient citadel, with tree-lined illuminated avenues, churches, bowling alleys, billiards, cinemas, theaters, schools, radios, cellars and museums. On July 20 its walls will host an event dedicated to art, fashion, music and entertainment. A temporary art gallery with electronic music DJ sets that will dictate the times.