Ivan Valentino

Born in Moscow , Ivan had always an incredible passion for music since an early age. At the age of 2 he moved to Berlin, where at the age of 6 he started taking classical piano lessons. He then moved to the US at the age of 12 where apart from continuing to study piano he also started playing drums. After several years of practice he started playing around bars , venues and concerts with a Jazz quartet he was part of.The period in the US was very important for him because he started to explore a wide range of musical genres especially electronic music apart from classical. At the age of 15 he moved to Italy’s capital, Rome. where he attended a musical high school called Liceo Farnesina. He continued to study piano until he finished high school. He was admitted to the Moscow conservatory and studied there for about 2 years. Ivan then realised that he didn’t want classical music to be his profession. In 2016 he returned to Rome, willing to take Dj lessons at Goody Music. In 2017 he moved to Berlin again in order to study electronic music production. He now returned to Rome , and is exploring his sound. Ivan has a wide range of taste, despite the fact he decided to produce techno music. He spaces out to almost any electronic genre with his open mind and taste , trying to create unique textures with sounds of his very own creation.